Thursday, June 05, 2008

Smelly Memories

Last week I walked into the kitchen in my building. I was thrown back to about 8 years ago when I was living in Portland and doing temp work at the Information Technology Institute. I think it was the smell of coffee. It’s not like that’s the only time I’ve smelled coffee, but it was the combination of the coffee smell and the kitchen smell that just reminded me of working there.

There are other smells that always remind me of something in particular. And they have a powerful impact on me and my mood.

I remember driving in my car several years ago and turning on the air. The smell that came out of the vent brought back memories of my first trip to London and it made me really happy. I know this is kind of gross, but I think the smell reminded me of the tube stations there.

Strawberry Shortcake (the doll – not the dessert) reminds me of my bedroom in my family’s second house in Orem.

The smell of swamp coolers reminds me of summer and wanting to run through the sprinklers.

The smell of parking garages always makes me happy because it reminds me of being on vacation.

The smell of wassail reminds me of Christmas night when my family would go to Grandma Durham’s to visit her and any other relatives that were visiting her. She always had wassail simmering on the stove.

Elmer’s rubber cement reminds me of Sunrise Elementary.

Pot roast reminds me of being little and waking up from a nap on Sunday afternoons.

Brand new tennis balls remind me of my Grandpa Christensen.

Cellars remind me of my Great Grandma’s house in Payson. And being freaked out when she'd walk down there with me because I was afraid she'd fall and break a hip.

KFC reminds me of wanting to throw up.

Salty air reminds me of family vacations to San Diego.


SRA said...

I think we all have that sensory connection...I can name off a few things which smell reminds me of other stuff. Like...being around Mexican people...there's literally a smell to them...and it reminds me of my mission. No kidding.

Ilene said...

Rubber cement at elementary school? I never would have guessed that you were one of THOSE kids.

I'm glad you beat the addiction.

Anything musty reminds me of Portland. Remember the smell of our apartment there?

Joshua said...

I was one of those kids. I got in trouble for smuggling and smelling it.

I like the tube station smell too- that is kind of gross, cause who knows what different kinds of infections things make up that one smell...

And the swam cooler.. LOVE that smell. Oh, sweet mold.

Joshua said...

oh this is lisa..not josh. weird.

Kelly Durham said...

LOL on the KFC. Is there anyone who HASN'T had a bad experience with that restaurant?

I'm getting used to swamp coolers (I was never around them as a kid). Carter walked by ours the other day, breathing deeply and smiling. He said the smell is pure summer to him.

Johnny Metropolis said...

Cigarettes and hotdogs always remind me of little league, I love it.

Once I passed out from sniffing so much rubber cement. Once I passed out from sniffing so much rubber cement. My brain hasn't been the same since.

Steph said...

The smell of cigarette smoke always reminds me of Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

Shann said...

The smell of KFC makes me think of picnics...My day would always pick up KFC for family dinners at the park until C&B Maddox opened up down the street. What can I say, I love fried chicken!

Lisa Marie Trent said...


Monica said...

The smell of Strawberry Shortcake always brings me back to my childhood as well. We had the whole collection, very distinct smell.

leandparkermakes3 said...

I didn't know if you knew but I have been reading your blog for some time now and it is one of my favorite things to read! You are such a talented writer! Thanks for keeping us all so entertained! I love it!

Cameron's Corner said...

C'mon, Laura... you're killin' me here. About 2 or 3 posts ago you said something about updating your blog every week. Let's go.