Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bye Kaila

After about two years living with Kaila she has decided to move on and get her own place. I'm proud of her for trying something new, but I will definitely miss her on Apricot.

Kaila left us without a television, kitchen table, couch, plates, microwave and silverware. I knew I was going to miss Kaila when she said she was leaving but I didn't think about all her possessions that would choose to go with her as well.

The night Kaila left I made myself some dinner in the kitchen. As I remained standing to eat my salad in a mixing bowl with a plastic spoon I looked at Baby Laura and Baby Maria on the wall and they looked lonely as well.

I may have to plan a coming out party for our house. I will dress it up really pretty to attract new suitors. But in the meantime, if you know of a girl who wants to hang her baby picture next to ours, please let me know!


Ilene said...

Whoever you pick, better be nice. I was happy knowing that you were in the care of Maria and Kaila. Now Kaila has left, there is the risk that some oddball will come in and not appreciate my Laura like she should. I am very protective of you, you know. When interviewing potential roommates (because of course there will be a ton looking to move in with you and Maria), you will need to ask yourselves, "Would Ilene approve?"

I would appreciate that.

charlottalove said...

Ohhhh, bye Kaila. :o(

Has it only been two years that you three lived together? For some reason I thought you all lived together at the mall...but maybe not.

Hope the roommate search goes well.

SRA said...

Ahhhh...que trieste!