Tuesday, May 08, 2007

3 and 7 years ago...

I'm on a little nostalgia kick since I have nothing new to say. I was looking through my old journals and so I decided I would do another flashback. It's interesting how on both of these May 8ths I wasn't in Utah.

Saturday, May 8, 2004 /8:20 AM
Ohope, New Zealand

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that I went home and we were moving into a different house. Wait -- it was our house, but it was different. Anyway, I had to move into a different room because Lisa was getting my room. My new room was much smaller, but it was understood that I was moving out anyway, so it would just be temporary. But all of my stuff didn't fit. For some reason I had to have the stove in my room and then a baby's crib. Whose baby I'm not quite sure.

And then, my hair was cut short. But I didn't get it cut myself, it was like I was unconscious the day earlier and Mom took me and had my hair cut without my knowing it. She told me she took me to Phil (my hair guy) and told him to cut my hair like hers, but he kept cutting it and cutting it. He, himself said it was the ugliest hair cut on me that he had ever done.

Monday, May 8, 2000 /10:08 PM
Tigard, Oregon

This morning Marni dropped Ilene and me off at the Tualatin Park and Ride so we could take the bus downtown. It kind of felt like Mom dropping you off for school.

We got off at 6th Avenue. It rained all morning. First we went to find the law firm for Ilene's interview and then we went to find Action Employment Services for my interview. It was only 10 AM and our interviews weren't until one o'clock but I asked if they would take me early and they did. I decided I really, really don't like employment agencies. They want me to be proficient with all this software and know these databases. I took the typing and Microsoft Word test. I can type 84 WPM, but I only got a 64% on the Word test, which I think is excellent for never having worked with it before. I always used WordPerfect but of course I never told them that. I learned more about Word just taking that test than I ever knew about WordPerfect. Just give me an hour to fool around with software and I could figure it out. I'm a bright girl.

Ilene's interview was at Davis Wright Tremaine and that went well we think. I think she'll get the assistant to the assistant job easy. Ilene's a bright girl too.

I picked up a newspaper as we waited for our bus home. There was an ad for a bakery downtown. Now that sounds kind of fun. I liked working at Food For Thought. I like cooking. But I have a college degree now. I feel like I should be doing something more professional. Sometimes I almost wish I didn't have a degree. That way I wouldn't feel stupid applying for a job at a bakery. I know I'm paranoid, but it seems like people would look down on me for having a college degree and a job that doesn't even require a high school diploma at the same time.

The bus system works really well here, so that's good. Marni picked us up and then we went to Washington Mutual to open up new accounts, then we went home. Marni made us cookies. She'll make a good mom someday.

I can't believe I got along without a car as long as I did.

I should start keeping a journal again. I used to write everyday. Something happened a couple years ago and I stopped writing so much. Maybe with friends living far away I started emailing more and so writing seemed redundant. Maybe it was this blog. Or maybe things are just boring. That can't be it. I wrote about nothing every day. Clearly.


charlottalove said...

I actually have to set time aside for writing in my journal. I used to write daily but for the same reasons - email, blogging, cell phones, procrastination - I just stopped. I love reading old entries though. Especially dreams. I have a journal just for my dreams. It's amazing how bizarre they are yet how perfectly clear dreams seem while asleep.

Ilene said...

Was it 10 years ago we went to Portland together on the bus? OH MY GOODNESS?

Thanks for crediting me to be a bright girl. So sweet. Little did I know that job would be pushing around a mail cart to deliver the attorney's mail. I would often ask myself what was the point of going to college if this is where I was going to end up. Luckily, it led to a better job.

Remember when Marni went to be a counselor at that Catholic camp and so we had no car during the week? Good thing there was a grocery store nearby and people willing to take us home from church.

I love how you make nothing sound like a very big something. I remember our journal writing days. I pretty much stopped after you moved back to Utah. What was the point with you gone? I need to bust out one of my journal entries to see what I was up to.

laura said...

10 years ago we were freshmen at BYU. And we didn't know each other. And I didn't keep a journal, so I can't tell you what we were up to.

If you can't find what you were up to in your journal writing days, just ask me. When I had nothing going on, I usually wrote about what you and everyone else was doing around me :)

We have a lot of bus memories don't we?

Ilene said...

Duh, 7 years. Somehow I added your "3 and 7" thinking that got me to our time in Portland.

I rather have your journal entries about my life than my own. Last night I went through some and they just aren't as fun to read as yours- even about my own life.

Supercords said...

I've been out and about all day without internet access. I'll have to peruse your blog tomorrow when I have some downtime. I finished off my pizza for breakfast. Even reheated it was good.