Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fah who foraze, dah who doraze

Let’s be glass half full for a moment. Here is what the robbers didn’t take:

My week old iMac
Maria’s iPod (maybe they’re PC robbers)
Jon’s PlayStation 2
My portable DVD player

They did take my digital camera. I think they would have taken my DVD player had they not been sidetracked by my jewelry box sitting next to it.

I can’t believe all my jewelry is gone. Well, not all of it. All the jewelry that I was too lazy to put away remains. So I still have the necklace I bought from Fabiola’s jewelry party in October. I have the ring I bought in Puerto Vallarta on the cruise a couple years ago, the ring Lisa gave all her bridesmaids to wear, the antique bracelet I bought made from 1930’s typewriter keys, the sparkly bracelet I got on sale at Nordstrom (probably the most expensive piece of jewelry I own), the necklace Chloe and Piper gave me from Hawaii and the bracelet Lisa made me for Christmas this year.

I can’t believe I only have one ring now. I’m glad it wasn’t my turn for Grandma Christensen’s ring. I would have been sick if that was stolen. Just for my sake, I’m going to say goodbye to the stories that go along with jewelry of years passed:

I’m going to miss the ring I bought at Mexx in London. It was a cool, contemporary design with a little quartz in it.

Lisa gave me a cute pink bracelet one year. I think she bought it at Artichokes where she used to work.

Lisa also gave me a gift certificate to buy a ring at the Salt Lake Silver Company back in 2002. She went with me to buy it. It was really pretty. It had a blue zircon in it. My birthstone. That was probably my favorite ring. I remember thinking the guy who helped me pick it out was really cute.

I had a bracelet that I took from Grandma’s house after she died. It was gold, so I didn’t wear it very often, but I liked having it.

I also took a little ring from Grandma’s house too. It was really cheap, but I remember thinking that the flower on it looked like the Scarlet Pimpernel, so it kind of became my good luck/protection ring.

My bracelet that Mom gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I liked that one too. It was my Christmas bracelet.

Wow, the bracelet I bought at the gift shop at St. Martin’s in the Fields in London 12 years ago. It used to be gold until all the cheap gold color rubbed off and then it became a pretty silver color. I liked it better that way.

The green stone pendant I bought at a jewelry party at Marni’s house.

The necklace Mom gave me with a sea otter pendant. She was a member of the Save the Sea Otter Society. I remember when I was a sophomore in college my neighbor Heidi asked me what it was. When I told her it was a sea otter she asked why. I thought that was funny.

There was this one necklace I bought at the Aquarium in San Diego. It had a pendant that was black on one side and then it had a turtle on the other side.

My boss Lila gave me a necklace one year that she bought at Chico’s. It had one of those magnetic clasps in the back. It was really fun to play with.

There are probably more, but I’ll stop there.

The most unsettling thing about this was just the feeling I got when I looked at the door that was hacked away. The door wreath broken in pieces on the floor, my dresser drawers open with all the clothes lying in a pile on the carpet. And then the clock downstairs was just knocked off the wall with the batteries popped out.

It was kind of funny, last night the cop was trying to figure out what time we were robbed based on what time we last left the house and how cold it was in there (the door was busted, so it wouldn’t close). It wasn’t until after he left that Kaila picked up the clock (frozen in time because the batteries popped out when the crooks knocked it off the wall) and said, “How much you wanna bet it was around 2:30?” She's better at this than the cop with his 18 years experience.

But after I folded all my clothes and put them away, swept up the floors a little and wiped down the place because crime lab left a mess, I felt OK. I have to say, we all handled this pretty well. Kaila was remarkably calm considering she was the first one home and noticed the door wide open and the light in Maria’s room.

I do feel a little violated. But all in all, I don’t feel scared. We were going to sleep elsewhere last night, but once the landlord fixed the door so we could close it and lock it, we decided to stay. I don’t know about Kaila and Maria, but I still feel protected somehow, so that’s a blessing. I slept all right considering.

They did take my checkbooks so I need to go change my account number. That’s all right, I wasn’t too attached to my account number. I never got around to memorizing it since I changed it a couple years ago when my purse was stolen. But you know what, stuff is just stuff. No one was hurt. Life goes on. Off to the bank.

In the meantime...if you see this guy, let me know.


joN. said...

hey, don't you still have TWO rings?

laura said...

you're right, Jon. I do have two rings. I guess I was just thinking about my Puerto Vallarta ring when I wrote that. The other one is so fancy I rarely wear it.

Saule Cogneur said...

Next to simply not having your stuff any more, the worst part is being completely helpless to do anything but accept what has happened.

You're right of course. Life goes on anyway.

P.S. I'll keep my eyes open. You can bet I wouldn't hesistate to lay into said guy should we ever cross paths.

Ilene said...

You were ROBBED?! That stinks. I can't believe they took all of your jewelry. Well, now I know what to get you for future birthdays and such. I'm glad that you feel safe. What creeps.