Friday, January 12, 2007

Busy Dreaming

Last night was a weird night. I think I went to sleep around 11:30. I woke up ten minutes later thinking it was like 4 AM, but nope, I was only sleeping for ten minutes. After that, I tossed and turned, dreaming like crazy. Sometimes a dream can be like a time warp. I think I'm out for a long time, but really it was only a few minutes. I probably had 6 or 7 dreams, but these are the three I remember the most:

Dream #1

Sister Hughes (the bishop’s wife) calls to tell me that church is going back to the regular time at 1 PM rather than 10:50 AM. I remember thinking, “Is she calling everyone individually to tell them this?” I asked her, “Sister Hughes, do you want me to call some people for you?” but she was fine calling everyone on her own. This dream was odd for a couple reasons. One: the bishop’s wife has been MIA for several months. Two: she pronounced her name really strange. I don’t remember how she pronounced it, but it sure wasn’t how one would normally say “Hughes.”

Dream #2

I was walking around the gallery where I work; only it was in a huge warehouse like Costco or something. There was a TON of artwork. So much they set it up salon style, (more than one row of paintings on the same wall) so it looked more like a store than an art gallery. It was all very run-of-the-mill, traditional, pedestrian kind of artwork. Some of it was OK. But it was some sort of Valentines theme because there was a bunch of couples in the paintings. The artists in the show were part of some larger artist co-op and had just finished setting it up for the Gallery Stroll that night. I remember walking around thinking, “this isn’t the best art, but I sure am glad they set it up themselves.” They brought their own shelves to put all the little trinkety 3D work. They also hired some guy to come play the guitar. They made it real easy on me. Sometimes the most together and professional artists are the ones with the tackiest art.

Dream #3

I think the last dream morphed into this dream somehow. And this was really weird, because I wasn’t even in it. I’ve never had a dream that I wasn’t in before. So maybe someone in the dream represented me somehow. Oprah Winfrey was going door to door with a camera crew asking little kids to donate their pets because she had some program where artists were going to paint portraits of pets and they needed models. (I’m laughing so hard right now by the way because it is even more ridiculous now than it was at 1 AM). So she’s walking the streets with a microphone and these cameras telling kids this was for a good cause. She got to this one house where there were three girls. The older two didn’t have any pets but they said their little sister did. So the poor little girl comes to the entry way and is just on the floor crying because she doesn’t want to give her puppy away, but what are you supposed to do? It’s Oprah. I remember feeling so sad for that little girl because it was so unfair.

Man, last night was exhausting. I don’t know what to make of these dreams. We are installing a show right now and it’s been kind of a pain with unreliable (although talented) artists, so that would explain the second dream.

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