Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Miss Sorenson's Class

This morning I visited Kristi's first grade class. They were super cute. I guess Kristi had them think of questions to ask me during their recess. So when I got there I took several questions. The first one being "What is your favorite food?" All of a sudden, my mind went blank. I thought "pizza" would get a good response, which it did. But all my answers got good responses. They agreed with all my favorite things. The best question was "What is your favorite dress?" I had no idea how to answer that one. I think the girl who asked it had a mother who was getting married. Dangit! Wedding dress, of course. Why didn't I think of that one? Probably because I don't have one.

I'm glad she had them call me Laura and not Miss Durham. That would have freaked me out a little bit.

Kristi is lucky enough to have a piano in her classroom so they sang a bunch of songs for me. First they sang a turkey song. They sang a few Halloween songs and then they sang "Walk the Line." It was awesome. Kristi wanted me to come so I could play the piano. I played "Go My Son". I remember learning that when I was in grade school with the sign language and everything. Anyway, turns out Kristi could play it better than I could, but it was my first try.

Here is a picture of Kristi commanding her students. This was her asking them to be quiet before the dance party.

Here are some pictures of random kids. I guess their parents all signed a media release form so I was allowed to take as many pictures as I wanted. And all the kids wanted their picture taken. "Take a picture of me! No me! Take another picture of me!"

So I have a lot of pictures.

This is Fredleca. Not sure how you spell that. But I chose her when Kristi asked me who I thought her wildest student was.

And then this next picture is of a few girls. I only remember the name of the one tilting her head. Her name is Amy. She told me that I looked like I was getting married. I asked her, "Why? because my hair is curly? And she said, "No, because of your size."

I made treats for all the kids, because I like to make treats. Check out these turkeys. How cute are these? I was pretty proud of the way they turned out. I was just going to bring cookies, but then I thought "Eh, kids prefer food with faces." They like to eat something that looks like it could come alive any second.

So it was a fun morning. I will definitely have to go back sometime soon. Thanks Kristi!


joN. said...

You're pretty good at spelling "Fredleca" based on the spelling on the whiteboard near Miss Sorenson's name... or were you the one who wrote that?

laura said...

all right, you caught me. I originally spelled it -ica intead of -eca. And then when I put that image up on top, I noticed her name on the board and so I went down and corrected my error. Pretty close though, huh?

Rhett said...

The question is... how do you pronounce it? Is it "Fred-lick-a" or "Fred-leek-a" something else?