Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dinner, Dinner and More Dinner

I must admit, I get invited to some pretty cool parties through work and the Gallery Stroll. Some are lame, but last night’s VIP Dine O'Round preview party at the Union Pacific was pretty awesome.

I took my friend Kaila who works right downtown with me. It was interesting seeing all the restaurants that participate because we had been to most of them this past year thanks to Thursday Night Dinners. (See previous post, “Fireworks and Philly Cheesesteaks”)

This was cool though because I could try food from places that I’m a little intimidated by like the Metropolitan, Cedars of Lebanon, and other places that are way too expensive. There were chefs from 35 restaurants handing out free food. One of the best things I tried was a Mexican sushi roll from Takashi. It had tuna, avocado, green chilies and…something else. I’m really starting to like sushi more than I used to.

I also tried some crostini from Panache that was really good. It restored my faith in their chef after the strange cinnamon cake last week at the Arty Party (see previous post). The spicy sausage penne from Buca di Beppo was too spicy for me, and the vegan chocolate cake from…shoot…where was that? Anyway, it was kind of tasteless.

The new restaurant Zola sounds interesting. They’re above Squatters and they just opened in August. We should try that place. I think it’s a $15 restaurant. The restaurants that participate in the Dine O Round either offer a 3-course meal for $15 or $25.

It doesn’t seem like I ate a lot, but man was I full by the time we left. And we didn’t even stay very long. Most of the food was itty-bitty appetizer portions, but then I run into Kaila with this $6 size piece of cake.

I wish I could have taken all my friends, because who wouldn’t have loved this? But there’s always next year. And there are other parties and things. For instance, tonight I have a reception at the Museum of Utah Art and History honoring “A Century of Art: The Collection of the Salt Lake City School District.” Any takers?

Yeah, I don’t even know if I’m going to make it to that one.

Make sure you come to Gallery Stroll tomorrow night though from 6-9 PM. I’m working solo so friendly faces are always welcome. The exhibit we have is “Utah’s Nifty Fifties.” The Rio Grande Café and Carlucci’s Bakery are catering, so if nothing else, there will be good food. AND you can see the cool Tinker Toy structure I made all by myself.


kaila said...

Thanks again for last night. It was a good time. Although, I think that is one of the most hideous pictures of me. In my defense I have to say I had just taken a giant bite of cake...honestly.

joN. said...

you mentioned cedars, but did you try anything from there? i need to know so i don't have to go there.

so, what kind of food is supposed to happen tonight?

laura said...

We haven't talked about dinner tonight, so I'm not sure when or if it's happening.

I have committed myself to make cookies though.

Rhett said...

So where are the pictures of the tinker toys?

laura said...

You're going to have to come see those in person my friend.

Rio Gallery, 300 South 455 West.